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Who am I?


Cristina Jané

Thank you!! If you have arrived here, I welcome you, and would like to thank you and tell you something about myself.

I was born in Granollers (Barcelona) in August 1970.

I was a shy girl and I still am nowadays. When I was a child, I used to look at the sky with wonder and mystery because I strongly believed that someone was watching me.

And I even now I feel it.

I considered myself a bit weird and different due to that belief.

What a mistake!

The truth is that I felt like I was wearing a dress that didn't fit me right; it was tight, and strangled me, therefore I began to rebel and isolate myself in many ways.

However, thanks to this uncomfortable feeling, I realized that what I thought at the beginning was a dress, wasn't actual fabric, but a mix of emotions, repetitive thoughts, actions and not actions, desires, hopes, fears, dogmas and thousand stories that had given shape to what we call our personality.

What? Suddenly the dress was my personality! Was the dress me? ... Uff. I had to fix it!

So ever since then, I analyze, I correct myself, love and hate myself until I began to love myself again, make more mistakes and fix them again... I transform my everyday life into a constant teaching.

But this is so hard!

It's hard because I often let myself outside circumstances affect me, I get lost and confused, until some angel, or whoever it my be, gently touches me and reminds me of the way with its bright colors. Wow... Then my heart fills with gratitude and I return to the task of fixing that old dress.

Yes, but in really, I would love to make it transparent.

And I realize that in order to do that properly, I also have to learn how to interact with others, with the Earth, the Universe, and to understand that what I do has an influence on everyone’s dress and vice versa.

What a big responsibility, right?

Then I thank all those moments a second time that are full of experiences that have guided me to live this way.

For me, it's about a holistic point of view.

Just like this portal where you are right now. This is the result of these moments that I told you about, a desire that was born in my heart. I really hope that it serves you as much as it serves me. Yes!

A place of discoveries, crossing paths, exchange, variety, colors, mystery, respect, values..., that wants to show us that "natural" part, that is so hidden from us, in this day of age.

So that we can simply and naturally talk about it, without feeling like "alternative" people.

So that we can connect people who are searching for and who are offering the same thing, to spread knowledge, to help...


So, you may think that you've just read a "who am I" that’s a bit different from the norm. In fact, I have to make a small, sincere and honest confession.

In essence, I'm just like you.

And we are together in this journey, searching for the dress that truly fits us, is light and bright and allow us to invite life to dance.

I really hope that PortalHolístic helps you as it has helped me.

I wish you health in all your dresses ...oops! I meant in all your senses... ;)

Cristina Jané

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