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Recipes for living

Collection of simple and practical experiences

Recipes for living

With these excerpts we offer you a collection of advice that you can try out and experiment with in your daily life. These tips won't make your life easier or attempt to teach you lessons… no.

These excerpts are advice in living more consciously.

But why more consciously? So that you can press ´click´ and disconnect once in a while from all the automatic thoughts that accompany you at all times. So that you can enjoy small moments of recognition of the profound and luminous being that is found within… that in reality is who we really are. In doing so, you can recognize the being that you encounter in others as well.

Once here, the options are limitless, this is only the beginning.

We want to give you something to think about. You have arrived up to this point and now it’s your decision. It’s like being at the intersection of two roads. You can try one for two or three weeks... there will be some advice that you already put into practice while others will be new for you, or you won’t be able to try them out… whatever happens is okay.

These are tips that we have collected, bit by bit, over many years of applying them and understanding what they are capaple of transmitting… transformation, even though it may not appear to be. Each of the tips given here has many different implicit meanings, motives and perceptions. But that has to do with each individual, according to how they feel at the present moment and what their circumstances are; that's why these cards are so generic and brief.

If you want, you can print one out every week and put it on the fridge, the computer screen, your cell phone, your calender… wherever you wish.

After a few days of using them, you can incorporate them into your life, or forget them. Both options are correct.

There are no dogmas, no judgement, no objectives, no expectations… We are offering you these cards because our hearts are guiding us to, and for us, that’s enough.

Thank you and happy trails!

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