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You would like to write to the entire world? We let you the place to make this possible!


You would like to write to everybody? We give you the site to make this happen!

Do you have some story about self-improvement to explain? Have you beaten a disease, and this experience has changed you completely? Are you a doctor, therapist or professional and you know a plant, habit, practice or activity which may help? Do you like science and know the last discoveries which demonstrate that we are something more than a physical body? Do you study or work in the personal development, awareness, ecology, interchange…?


You would like to share this with everyone?

Just write it! Yes, it is that easy


As you well know, PortalHolístic is an online directory of professionals and centres dedicated to natural therapies and self-awareness. Yet, this is also a site for exchange and publication of contents which help to create a more respectful world, in every way.

And we want the interchange for all:  readers, supporters, users...

That is why, we offer you our platform, so these stories of personal growth, overcoming, teachings, recipes and overall inspiring experiences, do not leave them in the drawer and may be useful to other people, to many!

Thanks to you and to the 3 languages of the web (Catalan, Spanish and English), we can achieve to spread your message far afield!

What a beautiful world it would be if we all shared our knowledges, would not you agree?

If you wish, just consider some guidelines (totally logical) easy to follow, which are:

• Your text should avoid to urge people, in a directly or indirectly demanding way, to follow any doctrine, movement, diet, treatment, therapy, etc...

• Also, it has to prevent the discredit of other forms related to the subject which you are talking about, nor making comparisons.

• The provided information has to be accurate, transparent and legal, and has to avoid assumptions.

• Your text must be original (we can not publish copies!), and it can not be published before in any other platform.

• You must provide it to us orthographically corrected.

• The length of the document may differ, but we advice no more than 1.500 words.

• L’extensió del text pot variar, però no aconsellem més de 1500 paraules.

• We can not accept text which are advertising a product, system, professional...(We have other sites to exclusively publish it).


How you must write it?

The way you feel better; yet the exposure will need to be as clearer and more objective possible (not a personal opinion), as a result of the knowledge and the experience, with a healthy dose of joy (if that may be), optimism, respect and with the utmost love possible. Remember that it is about sharing.


Of what you will enjoy?

First, to help many people with your contribution.

Second, the satisfaction of having published your work.

Third,  to link your signature to your web page or blog.

Fourth, to reach people of the entire world (remember, it will be translated into two of the most commonly spoken languages of the world).

Fifth, to give away your books, seminars or others “for free” which you have scheduled.

Sixth, to share the provided content to all your networks and contacts.


How do you see it?

The spirituality, the observance and the understanding of the universe is no longer (thanks to science, curiously) bizarre ideas of a part of the population. The world is changing and the people are finding, in that which they considered “alternative”, a more natural and alive way of living and comprehending their circumstances.

If your message can help, us and everybody, to make easier this process of understanding and comprehension, you are welcome to share it to PortalHolístic

I am sure that many of our readers will be grateful.

 Send us a message to: contacte@portalholistic.com either you present to us your text or suggest the topic which you would like to address before writing it, as you prefer!  

We are waiting for you!



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