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In PortalHolístic we have called "speciality" all the activities listed on the portal. All the centers and professionals are classified according to their specialities of specialization.

A description of each specialities may be found under the SPECIALITIES

The specialities on PortalHolístic are related to the following areas:

    • Related to the personality and relationships with others: coaching, family constellations, rebirthing, reincarnation, eneagrama, Gestalt, transpersonal psychology, education, NLP, etc.
    • Related to health: logotherapy, massage, naturopathy, animal therapy, therapy, reiki, biodecodes of diseases, etc.
    • Related to the physical body: yoga, qigong, biodance, contemplative dance, pilates, various physical activities that link the body with the mind, uncompetitive and undemanding with the body itself, etc.
    • Related to spiritual growth, faith and soul: meditation, reiki, cosmic dimension, tao, Kabal, course on miracles, religion, etc.
    • Related to food: organic farming, permaculture, biology, macrobiotic, etc.
    • Related to the mind: talks, books, music, conferences, telepathy, hypnosis, etc.
    • Related to the interaction with the land, flora, fauna and the world: ecology, recycling, simplicity, reduction, organic farming, permaculture, astronomy, homeopathic veterinary science, holistic therapy and animal communication, etc.
    • Related to leisure: outdoor activities, ashrams, retreats, monasteries, contemplative prayer and meetings, initiation travel, dances, etc.
    • Related to architecture and where we live: bioclimatic architecture, materials, Hartman lines, fengshui, etc.
    • Related to helping others: cooperation, time bank, trade, NGOs, food banks, etc.
    • Related to the artisan work: craftsmanship, incense, ethnic clothing, candles, decorations, music, painting, etc.

To make the research easier, the specialities are structured in large main blocks. For example, Reiki is classified within the block practice / therapy / healing. Some specialities may be found belong in various blocks depending on their characteristics. In these cases, the search engine simplify the search.


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