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On the PortalHolístic website, you will find professional centers and others that work with and encompass human development in all its forms. The profession, activity or other skills that offer paves the way to wellness, learning and growth in their respective fields of activity.

(We have excluded activities such as tarot or other activities with any type of competitive aspect)

All centers and professionals are located in Catalonia and you may search according to activity or region. To find them use the search tool. Enter the speciality and the region (can be several or leave the field blank) and the register list as well as the basic contact information will appear.

You will have acces to the information listed with regards to the professionals and the centres, as well as the events calendar.

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If you are a professional working in these fields and you want to create a public profile, you may register free of charge and advertise your work to all our users.

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