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Presentation of PortalHolístic


Welcome to our website dedicated to holistic health and wellbeing

PortalHolístic is a site where you will be able to find tips, activities, courses, experiences, travel ideas, stories, professionals, institutions, different perspectives, options, talks and many other activities and professional specialities that might help you on a day to day basis.

You will also find a searchable database of professionals, Centre and a wide variety of activities related to the portal's objectives, mainly in Catalonia. All of them have been classified by region and divided by speciality in order to make your search much easier.

If you are a professional or you have a center, you can sign in free in all the specialities you make. Also you can publish your courses, seminars and all the events you organize, to make them arrive to all the users. 

Who we are?

Cristina Jané. Creator and director of the PortalHolístic. Currently, I work in administration, with the difficult task of protecting nature and animals. I studied graphic design, amongst other things, even though the studies that have helped me the most have been the ones about “life”, which, added to my non-conformist, idealistic and creative idiosyncrasies have made me who I am at this moment. But above all, the most important thing is that I am a mother and this “has impressed upon me more than ever” the daily tasks of seeking the best values, searching for the best teaching and acting with utmost respect. This web page is the fruit of the exploration of those tasks. I hope you enjoy it.


Àlex García. Computer engineer, programmer and web designer. Father of two children from Manresa, who are an endless source of teaching. I love the new challenges and I’m a restless searcher, I am a huge fan of nature and sports. The uncertainties of life have inspired me to begin an inner journey, one that is not always pleasant, where a huge world is open to me to be discovered and explored.


Tatiana Moret. My adventure with journalism and the media started when I was young with my story notebooks and my home-recorded radio programs. I had a lot of fun doing these things and I still have a passion for telling stories. I studied Audiovisual Communication and Photography and I have worked as a journalist in many different mediums, organizations and enterprises.

My curiosity has always driven me to look for new paths, and that is how I have discovered disciplines such as yoga, reiki, reflex therapy or Bach’s flowers. All of those things combined with my professional experience are probably what have brought me to this project, which I have found to be very fascinating from the get-go. If in addition to having a good time my words are able to plant a small seed of wellness inside of you, I will feel happy and satisfied. Let’s make the world a place with more smiles!!!!


Ivet Malé. Currently I am a journalism student, being that ever since I was a child, I have always liked to read, write and draw. The world of therapy and natural remedies have always attracted my attention, and  I have already used some natural remedies, for example, Bach flowers.

For this reason I find it interesting to investigate the world of holistic medicine, how important nature is to us and to learn more about the people that have had an important role in this world.


Sílvia Alberich. From childhood I knew I loved to chat, meet people and communicate with me, and I soon discovered that I wanted to be a journalist, a profession that I love.
I am a very vital and enthusiastic, who loves hiking and walks that lead me to discover unexpected places, and I like to take care of me, both outside and inside. At a particular time in my life I tried reflexology and gave me such good results since then, opt for natural alternatives as a philosophy of life and really work!



The essence of PortalHolístic

PortalHolístic is a compilation of the areas of study related to the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual development and growth of Humans. These areas respect every individual’s freedom that will aid the development of self awareness and presence, health and happiness, without being extremely demanding, superficial or competitive.

The human body is not merely a physical and mental body, but rather also an energetic one. This energy is the same as that found in the universe. Interestly, what we think, feel, do, eat, and the way we live all have an impact on the human body...

The portal’s name refers to holism.  This is the doctrine that sees each reality fragment as a different "whole" from the parts that create it. According to holism this "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts. In order to live in harmony, we require that the compilation of parts that shape us - the whole - dance together in joy and serenity.

PortalHolístic is a tool for all those who have made their live (or to those who are in the process of making it) a more fullfilling and conscious experience; for all those who seek constant learning, self-analysis and improvement and have chosen paths for personal growth with the aim of achieving greater ease in a holistic sense as manifested through the quality of their lives, their environment and their relationship with other beings.

This site is not dogmatic, it encourages constant discovery, daily appreciation and gratitude towards this universe which gives us so much. This is our sincere wish and what our hearts guided us to do.

We hope you enjoy it and make wise use of it.

Thanks for being!

The PortalHolístic team.

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