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PortalHolístic Data Protection Policy


Privacy Politics

In compliance with the obligations of the spanish Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) 34/2022 on the 11th of July (LSSI-CE) and the current Organic Law 15/1999, the 13th of December, the Protection of Personal Data and Character (LOPDCP), the client/user is informed and consents to the incorporation of their personal data in a file that is the property and responsibility of LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS, owner of PortalHolístic. This file has been duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The purpose of the incorporation of personal data is to inform the client/user about products, services, the agenda and published articles, all of which are related to information that is on the site, both by electronic means and by paper; to provide access to the profile and published events, and to collect the billing data necessary based on the assumption that they have contracted a service belonging to the PortalHolístic.

The user/client can exercise, if they so choose, their rights to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition of personal data that is part of our file, by sending an email to: contacte@portalholistic.com

The user/client is informed that their given personal data will not be revealed or shared with third party individuals and we guarantee that the server in which they are treated and served utilizes all the necessary security measures to avoid access of the aforementioned articles by unauthorized third parties. However, the user/client must recognize that the transfer of data over the internet is a risk and accepts that, along with the consequences.

General conditions

These General Terms and Conditions governing the business relationship that can be created LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS (hereinafter PORTAL HOLÍSTIC or www.portalholistic.com or PortalHolístic) and the user/client contracted through web form www.portalholistic.com. Contracting services carried out by the aforementioned forms infer the expressed acceptance of the client or user of these conditions.

PortalHolístic is property of LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS (registered trademark) registered at: Urb. Mas Enric-Can Prat, C.D 151, 08296 de Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona, Espanya, CIF number 52155818Y and email  contacte@portalholistic.com

PortalHolístic is a registered trademark and its address is www.portalholistic.com.

PortalHolístic reserves the right to modify these conditions.

Registration requirements

For access to web content on www.portalholistic.com registration will not be required. However, for use of certain services, clearly detailed in different sections of the web, there will be an indispensable preliminary registration for the user/client.

Free registration

For all intents and purposes registration for clients/users on www.portalholistic.com will be free. However, there are recruitment services and advertising spaces subject to monetary compensation in the form and terms set out in detail in the process.

Only professionals, centers, entities, groups, schools, and/or others dedicated to a related theme with holistic health and consciousness clearly classified in their subsection of specialties and who wish to promote themselves and publicize their services to the rest of the users can register.

Information prior to the contraction of public spaces free of charge

PortalHolístic informs that all registration procedures and hiring advertising space within the portal are appropriately detailed and clearly informed as to the price or gratuity, the registration period, the sites chosen and their characteristics within the portal. The customer / user acknowledges that they understand and accept the portal´s general terms of use. Likewise, the user acknowledges that they are of age and have the legal capacity and action needed to access PortalHolístic web pages and terms of use in the aforementioned places. The user/client is responsible for the identity and password obtained through registration as a client and cannot transfer it to another person.

Scope and acceptance of the contracting conditions

These conditions govern the hiring online free or paid advertising space offered by PortalHolístic registered at: Urb. Mas Enric-Can Prat, C.D. 151, 08296 de Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona via the web www.portalholistic.com and offered only through said portal.

The completion and sending of the corresponding register of public spaces by the client expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of every one of these contract conditions for free advertising space or payment acceptance.

Prices, offers, contracting systems and confirmation

Prices for the different public spaces will always be the final price for the customer, and will be perfectly indicated in the contraction process and they will be available to consult it at any time. The customer may at any time contact PortalHolístic by phone, form or email (contacto@portalholistic.com).

The contraction of advertising space will be provided through the registration process of hiring the space to which it refers, except in cases where the client needs the PortalHolístic to create the design of the contracted advertising space on the assumption that the customer will request to pay by bank transfer. Given that the web measures the recruitment time of different advertising spaces, in the case of bank transfer this process will be agreed directly with the client from the web.

Payment forms

The price of the contracted advertising space will be paid solely per the customer´s choice by any of the following means: 

  • with a credit card. The service of credit card payment is directly provided by the credit institution. The supported cards are VISA or MASTERCARD
  • with bank transfer. This option will have to specifically request through PortalHolístic

Protection of personal data

The user/client authorizes PortalHolístic to automatically save personal data. The aforementioned personal data will be handled as indicated in the paragraph concerning Legal Information.

PortalHolístic guarantees that are adopted and utilizes all technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and to avoid any alteration, loss, or unauthorized access measures. However, the user/client is aware that PortalHolístic cannot guarantee absolute security for the data as any security on the Internet is relatively fragile, so PortalHolístic is not responsible for any damage and/or injury and/or no benefit obtained by the user/client or other third party that is harmed in this regard.

Customer service and communication

The customer/user may contact PortalHolístic by phone, forms or email.

Customer service: contacto@portalholistic.com

Telephone number: 668 556 148 from 9 to 13 hours.

Contract and jurisdiction

The contracts signed through www.portalholistic.com are understood to be implemented at the registered Urb. Mas Enric-Can Prat, C.D. 151, 08296 Castellbell i el Vilar de Barcelona, Espanya.

This contract is subject to Spanish law and the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.


Legal notice of web use

Purpose and acceptance

This legal notice regulates the use of the web portal PortalHolístic located at www.portalholístic.com and who is owned by LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS.

Navigation of the website www.portalholistic.com confers the status of users on this person and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this legal notice, which can be modified so we recommend that you check regularly.

The user is obliged to make proper use of the aforementioned website in accordance with the laws, good faith, public order, traffic uses, general terms and this disclaimer. The user will respond to LA LLUNA D’ARWENS NOVES IDEES WEBS or to third parties for any damages that may be caused by breach of the aforementioned obligation.


In compliance with Law 34/2002 of July 11th (LSSI -CE) Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce we inform you that:

PortalHolístic is a registered trademark and property of LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS.

LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS is a trade name and a registered trademark.

Its registered name is: La lluna de l’Arwen noves idees webs. Adreça: Urb. Mas Enric-Can Prat, C.D. 151, 08296 Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona, Espanya.

Its CIF is: 52155818Y

Access conditions and web use

The web site, web www.portalholistic.com and its services are free access.

The user guarantees that all data provided is true and current and, is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made.

The user agrees to make appropriate and lawful use of the content and services of PortalHolístic.

Any unlawful action detected may be reported to the proper authorities and therefore registration rights to the portal will be lost.

Intellectual and industrial property

The website www.portalholistic.com, known as PortalHolístic (PORTAL HOLISTIC), is owned by LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS. Intellectual property rights and rights of exploitation and reproduction of the site, its pages, screens, the information they contain, their appearance and design, text, images, sound, animations, software and other content are exclusive property of LA LLUNA DE L’ARWEN NOVES IDEES WEBS, unless expressly stated otherwise.

PortalHolístic prohibits any transaction, transfer, sale or lease, partial or total public exposure on the web. However, users are allowed to use the data presented for personal, private and non-profit use. It is totally forbidden its utilisation, modification, reproduction, communication or distribution with profitable purposes.

Disclaimer of Warranties 

PortalHolístic does not guarantee the availability, access or continuity of the portal and its services. Nor will it be responsible for any damages caused to the user/client as a result of the failure of access or lack of continuity and availability of the portal and its services.


PortalHolístic is not responsible for the content, accuracy, reliability, authenticity or updating of the information provided by other individuals or legal entities featured on the site or that link to other sites or emails.

It is the sole responsibility of the users/clients to provide any information to PortalHolístic if said material is not true or infringes on any rights of third parties and/or legality.

PortalHolístic is not responsible for the opinions expressed in articles signed by individuals that are not a part of the website www.portalholistic.com, nor for the comments and views presented in forums, blogs and various social networks where PortalHolístic is a participant. PortalHolístic shall not be liable for any loss, damage of any kind, directly, indirectly or secondarily caused by the published content. All content published on the web www.portalholistic.com includes the signature of the person who drafted the text, and who is solely responsible for it and any overall consequences.

The contents published on www.portalholistic.com are for information only and should never replace the advice of a medical specialist or medical visit.

PortalHolístic does not necessarily agree with the views, content and general information provided by persons outside of the portal, of which the user is fully conscious, and therefore responsible and free to access external links or to follow treatments published by the centers or announced professionals and their consequences.


PortalHolístic reserves the right to cancel ads, registrations or other content without notice, on its own or by a third party, if it believes that the information is unreliable and not true, and violates these terms and general conditions of use of the website, and go against the interests of others and in general does not conform to the law. 

In this case the user is liable for damages of any kind that PortalHolístic may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of the discussion in the preceding paragraph. The same user is also liable to any penalty, claim or demand that a third party can bring, including public bodies a general nature.


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