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PortalHolístic search engine will allow easily find upcoming events. All registered centres and professionals can post their classes, workshops, meetings, etc. through the portal shedule.

If you are a professional and wish to post your events you must sign in first.

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Events are classified according to their relationship with a speciality, that is, a "Reiki" workshop is classified under Reiki, but it could also be found under stress management, meditation, relaxation ... It is also possible to do a general search of all scheduled events in a particular region without selecting a specific speciality.

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Each event has a pull-down menu that provides information on organizers, event location, speakers, requirements, themes, etc. Events can be shared on your facebook and twitter accounts and other social media. If you subscribe to the events calendar, you will be notified of all events taking place in Catalonia.

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Events are automatically deleted a few days after they end in order to ensure that only updated information is found on the site.


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