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Recipes for living > Learn to be silent

Recipes for living, Receptes per viure-les, Recetas para vivirlas
Card 11

Learn to be silent

Collection of simple and practical experiences


In nature, many animals can survive thanks to their silence. The predators are silent to feed and the prey to get unnoticed. In both cases their movements are very slow, conscious and present. It can be said that since gives them an edge in the race of life and helps them to enjoy it more serenely, knowing that they have a secret “wand” that they can use anytime.

But humans do not know how to be silent and hence we have lost the benefits of being silent. We knew it in the old days (and some people still know it now) but in general we no longer possess this valuable secret. So this week, we propose that you spend 5 minutes each day doing things in the most silent way that you can: open drawers, turn on the switches, move around the house, cook, chew, breathe… making as little noise as possible. Be aware of the slowness of your movements and enjoy the sensations. You will see that it is very difficult to be silent! You will live in the present for a few minutes and come to realise how we have become accustomed to noise and how we have lost the gem of silence. From this experience you may want to stay away from the TV and start enjoying your own lovely company, in silence. You can try it out!


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